"A Good Old-Fashioned Big Family Christmas"

A comedy by Pat Cook
Directed by Andrew Gibson
AUDITIONS will be held Monday, September 11 and Tuesday, September 12at Riverfront Playhouse at 6PM
The play runs from December 1- December 17

Auditions will be cold readings from the script and cast breakdown is as follows:
3 male presenting aged 25-50
4 female presenting aged 25 to 50
1 female presenting aged 18 to 25
2 aged 8 to 15 (written as female but casting gender-blind)
2 male presenting 60+
2 female presenting 60+

The holiday season is about bringing family together…for better or for worse! When Judith is concerned about the state of her parent’s marriage, her husband Hayden has the perfect solution, even if he wishes he didn’t.
In-laws clash! Children scheme! And we find out perfect traffic strategies!
Nothing brings people together like chaos in this family-friendly romp!


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