Riverfront Playhouse Presents
for fun and for profit!


Raise funds for your group or organization. Thank your employees and spend an entertaining evening together. “Buyout” the theatre for an evening or matinee show and share an evening of entertainment with your friends and colleagues.

REDDING KIWANIS has participated in the Riverfront Buyout Program for more than 10 years. This is such an easy and fun way to raise funds. Thank you for helping us to raise over $15,000 for our Scholarship and Literacy Programs benefiting the children of Redding.

–John Williams, President, Redding Kiwanis

How it Works

Regular performances take place on Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Buyout performances are added to the regular run of the play to accommodate group buyouts. These are usually Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Tuesdays during the Christmas show. If your group is interested in buying out the theatre for a buyout performance, please contact our buyout coordinator for available dates and reservations.

Buyouts are for 100 seats. More seats can be purchased at $7 each if needed. There is a maximum of 149 seats available in our theater, four of which are ADA friendly. Your host can assist with wheelchair seating when necessary. No seating or standing is allowed in the aisles.

The theatre will be made available at an agreed-upon time for your group. Please allow enough time to set up and clean up at the end of the evening. The theatre will be clean when you arrive. You must clean up before leaving, including picking up and disposing of all food and drinks, emptying the trashcans, and a general pickup of any trash in the seating area and floors of the theatre. Your Riverfront Playhouse host will be there to advise you.

A Riverfront host will contact you a few days before your buyout to assist you in getting into the theatre and will remain on duty to assist you during the evening. Please be aware that Riverfront personnel are all volunteers. When the play is over, you are welcome to talk as long as you wish in the parking lot, but please clean up and vacate the theatre in a timely manner. If you have not been contacted by your host three days before your event or if you have questions that the host cannot answer, please contact the buyout coordinator.

Riverfront Playhouse will provide 100 tickets for the date of your event unless arrangements have been made to purchase more seats. Your group decides the admission price of the tickets and how the tickets will be sold or distributed. Advertising for your event is the responsibility of your group. Riverfront Playhouse will provide poster art for you to advertise to your group. Tickets are general seating with no seat numbers on them. Tickets will be given to your group after payment has been made unless prior arrangements are made with Riverfront Playhouse.

Your group is welcome to hold raffles. The 15-minute intermission is when you can talk to your audience and conduct your raffle. Please keep on schedule as a courtesy to our actors and crew.

Your group can choose to have Riverfront serve drinks that we normally provide during regular shows (water, soda, beer, wine, pre-mixed cocktails, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate). If Riverfront is serving, you cannot bring in your own water and soda for us to serve. If you prefer, you can provide and serve your own non-alcoholic refreshments out of coolers and bring your own ice, cups, coffeemaker, and utensils. Large tables will be on site for your use.

REV 2/10/22 RA PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS Buyouts are $700.00. ($800 for musicals). Payment is due at least 30 days before the opening night of the play for which you are booking a buyout. Please make your check payable to Riverfront Playhouse and mail it to Riverfront Playhouse, PO Box 994666, Redding, CA 96099.

Tickets will be available for pickup as soon as your payment is received.

Riverfront Playhouse requires a 30-day notice prior to the play's opening performance to cancel your event. This is to allow Riverfront Playhouse to try to find a replacement buyout for your evening.

Our cancellation policy is that the royalty fee is non-refundable.

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