Riverfront Playhouse Presents
for fun and for profit!

Raise funds for your group or organization. Thank your employees and spend an entertaining evening together. “Buyout” the theatre for an evening or matinee show and share an evening of entertainment with your friends and colleagues.

REDDING KIWANIS has participated in the Riverfront Buyout Program for more than 10 years. This is such an easy and fun way to raise funds. Thank you for helping us to raise over $15,000 for our Scholarship and Literacy Programs benefiting the children of Redding.

–John Williams, President, Redding Kiwanis

How it Works

You “buyout” 92 seats in the theatre for a set fee of $650 for one performance. (Musicals fee cost is $750). With 92 seats available, that is a cost to you of only $7.07/seat. You then sell the tickets at whatever price you choose, usually $15 to $20, or more if you wish. At $15 you can make up to $730 and at $20 up to $1190. More seats are available if you wish, up to our 150-seat capacity, for purchase at $7.07 per seat. Performances are available Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and Tuesdays during the Christmas performance.

You may bring food to serve before the play and during intermission at tables we provide. At the new theatre, the concessions area will not be open for your use. You can provide your own non-alcoholic drinks in coolers if you wish. For alcoholic beverages, we provide a server, sell drinks to your patrons, and keep the proceeds at a cost to you of $25. If you wish to serve your own alcoholic beverages you can purchase a one-time license from ABC for $50 or $75 (available to non-profit groups only) but will have to serve out of coolers. We at Riverfront hope that you have a successful event. For further information or if you have any questions, please contact our buyout coordinator Larry Morgon at (530) 941-3617 or email

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