4th Annual ARPEE Awards

Premier: 06/01/1986
End: 06/01/1986
Season: 5

Auteri, MichaelAwardBest Supporting Actor - Comedy
Burrell, DarrellAwardMaster of Ceremonies
Canis, WaltAwardBest Set Design
Clouse, JonniAwardFavorite Character - Female
Clouse, JonniAwardBest Actress - Comedy
Clouse, RobertAwardBest Program Cover
Davis, SueAwardBest Actress in a Minor Roll - Drama
Fetters, RossAwardBest Actor - Comedy
Frost, MarlaAwardBest Director - Drama
Furnish, DarrellAwardBest Supporting Actor - Drama
Garrett, DixieAwardMost Versatile Actress
Henning, JimAwardFavorite Character - Male
Henning, JimAwardBest Actor - Drama
Hudson, CarrieAwardBest Supporting Actress - Comedy
Jacoby, AdrienneAwardBest Actress in a Minor Roll - Comedy
Kuchta, LeahAwardBest Actress - Drama
Lewis, KevinAwardBest Make-Up Design
Lowrance, HilaryAwardBest Supporting Actress - Drama
O'Brien, DonnaAwardBest Costume Design
Owen, DonAwardBest Supporting Actor - Drama
Sharp, RonAwardBest Set Design
Smith, T. OwenAwardBest Light Design
Smith, WilsonAwardBest Actor in a Minor Roll - Drama
Stuart, ErinAwardBest Director - Comedy
Weathersbee, EricAwardBest Actor in a Minor Roll - Comedy
Weathersbee, EricAwardMost Versatile Actor
Yeffa, SandyAwardMistress of Ceremonies